AROMA Tracer Detection Commercialized Product

MAST has a worldwide exclusive license agreement for the oil and gas tracer detection field of use of the underlying Entanglement Technologies Inc. (“Entanglement”) patented technology.

Entanglement has integrated their core technology into the MAST product that combines next generation broadly-tunable cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) with unique surface-interaction dependent separation techniques to apply the extraordinary sensitivity of CRDS to entirely new classes of complex chemical analysis. This product allows companies performing tracer detection studies in producing oil fields to install the AROMA platform either directly on the oil well production piping, allowing for continuous tracer sampling, or alternatively, in a project trailer at the producing site, where one AROMA platform could support multiple wells participating in the tracer test. In either configuration, the MAST product eliminates the dangers to employees performing the manual sampling, reducing errors in sample quality and eliminates completely the long-time delays and costs of shipping manual collected around the world back to corporate labs for chemical analysis.

Download AROMA Tracer DATA SHEET

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